Visual Studio Code

For a long time I have been using PowerShell ISE for writing PowerShell scripts. But a few months ago I switched to Visual Studio Code.

The main reason for me was the built-in support for Git. This makes it so much easier for using Git. Specially if you just have started using Git. There is no need to remember commands for the Git command line or to use a separate Gui.

Another reason for me was that it not only supports PowerShell but also many other languages. Some have built-in support. For others you can install an extension. You can find many extension at the Visual Studio Code Marketplace. At my work we use Puppet for configuration management. And there is extension for Puppet. So I can use one editor for all my scripts.

Because Visual Studio Code supports extensions it is easy to customize the editor for you own needs. There are extension for themes, languages, keymaps, debuggers, linters etc.

To get started with VSCode I found the blog posts on the Hey Scripting Guy blog very helpful.

I you do not use Visual Studio Code I suggest you take a look at it. Ohhhhh, and it is free also!