TFTP not working anymore with Windows Deployment Services

Recently I rebuilded my VMWare ESXi server due to some disk problems. So I also needed to reinstall my virtual servers. For that I wanted to use the Windows Deployment Services (WDS) again. I configured it excatly the same as I have done before. But this time it would not work.

The virtual server received an ip address from the DHCP server and started the PXE boot, found the WDS server. And there it stopped, ending with the message PXE-E32: TFTP open timeout.

It seems that the security patch for DNS (MS08-037) is the reason why it stopped working. That explains it was working before. I guess the old setup did not have this patch.

Microsoft released a KB article that explains how to solve the problems. You can find it at here.

Ofcourse you will only have this problem if DNS and WDS are on the same server. If WDS is on a seperate server then you won’t have this problem.